Nicky Samuels update June 2015

Hi all,

I was asked to write a blog for the new triNZ website so it’s time for an update. As you all know 2014 was a great year but the end of it came to a screaming holt when we got the mixture wrong and there was just too much running in there. My ITB has been a problem since December last year but 6 weeks ago I saw Dr Mat Brick in Auckland to get it surgically released. The surgery went well although the bursa wasn’t in good shape either so on top of the release this was also removed.

I spent 3 weeks back in Wanaka and got to see some of winter. One of the best things about being a triathlete is it leads to endless summer as we follow the series around the world. However, I did get to make my first real snowman while I was at home, with the rare occurrence (and to my delight) of snow right down to lake level, of course I also took the time to “ice my knee”.

Nicky snow angel_edited.jpg

I then travelled back up to Cambridge where yes it is still cold but workable. I haven’t progressed to riding on the road yet but as soon as I do I am sure my capacity will come back there pretty quickly. I have that unique ability on the bike to do that so looking forward to the next few weeks and getting out on my new personalised bike from Dedacciaistrada and Deda Elementi.

Nicky new bike.jpg

I have joined in with the St Peters swim squad and these youngsters are definitely keeping me honest. The alarm clock at 5am in the morning is however still killing me but it is a really nice feeling getting out of the water at 7.30am heading home for breakfast and knowing that one session is done already.

I have been in the gym a lot and am working through my rehab programme under close supervision of the super triNZ physiotherapist Rone Thompson to get my recruitment and strength back. The support from Rone all the way through this process has been amazing and I am sure there is a lot more to come!

The gym facilities in Cambridge are brilliant. I plan to get on the Alter G machine for the first time tomorrow so hoping that goes well. With the use of this machine we can manipulate the percentage body weight I use while running. I don these beautiful shorts, prance around in the gym for a bit looking like I have a tutu on doing running drills, then hop on, zip my shorts into a giant skirt which goes around the treadmill and then it blows air up underneath you. I hope to use this machine to first get back into running and then use it as a training tool so I can get more running hours in without so much impact/stress on my surgical site.

And when is it time to see me out there again?! Well! I hope to catch the end of the season still as I know there is still the pressure on me to qualify for Rio but I don’t want to rush my come back too much either because the Olympics obviously is the most important race which is only just over a year away now. I hope to race at least Edmonton WTS and then Chicago WTS grand final as well as a couple of WC races afterwards but again we have to see how the rehab continues.

Nicky gym_edited.jpg

Thanks to all my sponsors for their continued support, I am excited to be on the mend and looking forward to getting back out there and racing again soon!


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