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Well it’s been over a week since I was in Glasgow now and being back at my French base in the Pyrenees has given me some time to reflect on the Commonwealth Games, although I was satisfied with my performance in some aspects, my run needed more work and at the end of the day I didn’t come home with the goals that I set out for myself.

When breaking down the performance I can see that I have got my swim and bike nailed now to a point where I am comfortable with whatever direction these aspects of the race take, I can swim in the front bunch & feel in control on the bike. My run has recently shown that it was heading in the right direction with run legs in London & Hamburg this year and also in the relay but it’s the final 5km that seems to be troubling me this year.

Ill now reflect with my coach and the performance staff at Tri NZ and head back to the drawing board with hopefully some changes in store for this NZ summer. It’s hard to be running so well last year, and feeling like it I was making progress and building toward that 10km run I am after. Then this year have gone back to struggling again so we’ll look at what I was doing then and plan for a good summer in 2015. There obviously also needs to be considered the lost time for training with the 5 weeks in limbo not sure where my plans were going to go for this year with the initial non-selection. So final build up was shortened to just 7 weeks.

The team’s race was an amazing event to be a part of, I felt excited when named in the team the day after the race and was ready to give it everything. I was really nervous, it makes it that much harder racing for a team than just for yourself and throughout the race you are just giving your all for the other team members that are either waiting or have been out giving it their all. I must admit that I thought were looking good for that silver medal later in the race, but it’s a team sport and poor Ryan just didn’t have the legs on the day, it could have been anyone of us that didn’t have. It was hard backing it up just 2 days after the individual race the legs were still a little heavy and just one more day would have been nice however we all put our best out there and ended up with a disappointing 5th place, and coming home medal-less instead of medallists.

I must say however the support not only at the race in Glasgow but from back home has been amazing, email, texts, phone calls, facebook and twitter – all sorts, it truly means a lot to know so many people are out there watching me race and supporting me from all over the world, especially in in the wee small hours with the time difference in NZ.

So with just one night in the village and the day after the team’s race I was on the first flight out of there back to Font Romeu. It was a long day’s travel after a long night out with friends who had come from all over the world to support and many triathletes I got back into my training pretty quickly, just having a week easier but including some longer adventures, what Font Romeu is renowned for. Some snap shots heading up Port du Pailheres.


The last few days and especially after a big event have been a challenge at altitude, I am certainly ready to finish my period of solitude up here, although it’s nice to see Joel’s Filliol’s team up here training, the Belgium team, Brazillians, French National Squad-so many triathletes at the moment its great. I’m looking forward to my next couple of weeks at sea level, but for now running at 1600m at Lake Matamale is as flat as I am going to get!

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