Nicky Samuels coaching

After 10 years as a pro triathlete racing all over the word leading New Zealand triathlete Nicky Samuels believes its now time to start passing on the many years of knowledge, experience, coaching & triathlon expertise to those looking for a coach, mentor or guidance from someone who has not only been there and done the race you are wanting to do, but also has the qualifications and training to back it up.


Experience - races all over the world - from Olympic games to off-road world championships to the 'Escape from Alcatraz' or 'Alpes du es' triathlons Nicky has a vast experience in all distances of triathlon including the individual sport swimming, cycling, mountain biking and running -  Olympic distance, sprint distance, team racing, non-drafting, offroad, mountain biking, running, swimming 


Coaches - been coached by the best; John Hellemans, Mark Elliot, Max Smith and Jon Brown


Qualifications - Nicky has a degree in exercise prescription as well as a degree in teaching from the University of Otago. Nicky is a qualified Green Prescription practitioner also so can also prescribe training programs where exercise serves as a health benefit and as rehabilitation.


Coaching Philosophy - I coach people to coach themselves - developing the knowledge, understanding and ownership of each individual person so they have the confidence to achieve their goals and make decisions on their own personal outcomes confidently and successfully.


Training programs:

Elite - all ages, personalised program incorporating individual differences and goals

Age Group - all ages, personalised program targeting a specific race e.g. Ironman NZ, ITU world age group champs or Masters games

Weekend warrior - all ages, program based on fitting in with your busy schedule and keeping fit enough to participate or compete in races on the weekend or a few races in the summer.

Fit for health - all ages, personalised program based on the foundations of keeping a fit and active lifestyle so you can have fun with your friends and family and not have your health or fitness hinder you. Endurance, flexibility, strength & enjoyment

Junior - development style program designed to fit in around school, exams, other commitments whilst maintaining a fit and active lifestyle that may lead into triathlon or other individual sports (e.g .Mountian biking or running)